Keep Your Car Clean and Shiny Without Wasting Water by Opting for a Waterless Car Wash


Taking your car to a car wash that recycles water wastes less than the amount of water you'd use at home. However, the best way to keep your car clean and save water is to use a waterless car wash product. Here's how this car washing method works.

1. Your Car Is Washed with Cleaning Spray

When you use a waterless car wash, your car comes out clean without the need for water at all except to wash the cloths after you're finished. You start by using a mix of products in a spray bottle. There are various waterless wash products on the market that are used to clean, shine, or wax your car. The sprays can lift dust and dirt from the surface of your car, and they also contain lubricant so there is no worry over-using a cloth on your car to remove dust or grit.

2. You Can Visit a Waterless Car Wash or Do the Job Yourself

You can buy a product at an auto shop and clean and shine your car yourself, or you can take your car to a waterless car wash and let someone else do the work. Using the product entails cleaning your car in sections so the dirtiest parts are left for last. The product is sprayed on with a spray bottle or pressurized spray bottle and then wiped off with a microfiber towel, cleaning and shining as you go.

The cleaning solution can be used on all parts of the car, including glass and tires, and it's the only thing needed for routine cleaning. However, if your car is caked with mud, it's easier and faster to rinse away the mud first with a sponge and bucket of water. Since this type of cleaning is more labor-intensive than driving through a car wash and letting the car air dry, you may prefer to take your car to a detailer to have the work done.

You'll Save Water And Reduce Runoff

A waterless car wash gives you a way to keep your car clean when water restrictions are in place. If conserving water is important to you, you can feel good about not wasting water while you keep your car shiny. You also avoid cleaning chemicals soaking into your yard or running into storm drains as happens when you wash your car at home with a hose. A waterless car wash product is better for the environment and it won't harm your car.

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10 February 2020

Keeping That Car Pristine

Anyone can keep their car clean and tidy for a few days, but how will that ride look a few years from now? If you have kids, you might struggle to keep food, drinks, and toys out of that backseat. You might also have problems keeping the driver's area tidy, which can make your car difficult to use as you chauffeur friends and family around. I want you to know how to keep that car pristine, which is one of the reasons I made this blog. Check out this information for tips on how to make car cleaning easier, so that you can be proud of your car.