Truck Bed Liners Help Protect Your Truck's Value


Truck bed liners don't just make your truck look awesome. They also increase the amount of use you can get out of the truck, while also protecting its value. Learn about some of the ways a truck bed liner helps you accomplish these goals.

Corrosion Defense

When you haul items in the truck bed, you're bound to cause a scratch, even if you are extra careful during the loading and unloading processes. Scratches look bad, but they also expose the underlayers of the metal that makes up the frame of the truck bed. 

As air and water make contact with these underlayers, a process known as oxidation occurs. Oxidation is the precursor to corrosion. Corrosion can cause the metal of the truck bed frame to deteriorate and can even lead to holes in the bed in extreme cases. A liner prevents these types of scratches and the corrosion that comes along with them.

Dent Safeguard

One benefit of bed liners that is sometimes overlooked is the non-slip surface they create. When you have a load in the truck bed, as you're driving to your destination, it's likely that the contents inside the bed will shift. In some instances, they might even fall over and slam into the bed's frame and cause damage to the item itself.

Depending on the weight of the item, the impact could lead to a dent in your frame. Any type of dent damage lowers the value of your truck, even if it is in your truck bed. With a non-slip liner and good loading skills, you can eliminate the likelihood of denting your truck.

Paint Protection

Truck bed liners do an excellent job of protecting your paint. As mentioned previously, without a liner, the items you haul can easily scratch the surface of the frame. In addition to reaching the underlayers of the metal, the scratches can also damage the paint. 

While the paint around the scratched area will start to peel and chip, the area of damage will eventually spread, and the area of chipping and peeling paint will only widen. If you attempt to sell the truck with this damage, you might receive less money than you expect. A bed liner protects against paint damage to protect your truck's value. 

Truck bed liners are designed for durability, so you can enjoy all of these benefits long-term. Research the different bed liner application options available to determine which is right for you. You can find plenty of options from companies like Leer Accessory Truck Center.


9 October 2019

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