Lesser Known Household Uses For A Pressure Washer


You decided to purchase an industrial pressure washer to do some common chore, such as removing paint from your house or cleaning off a deck. Now that you've finished the work, what will you do with the pressure washer? Don't just pack it away in the garage and forget about it. That machine has many more uses for you so that it's not a waste of money.

Use your pressure washer for these other household tasks:


Your pressure washer is very useful during the winter. You can use it to melt ice on walls, vehicles, or walkways. You need to have a hot water pressure washer for this as opposed to one that only uses cold water. Hot water pressure washers heat up the water before you spray it. Use an anti-freeze cleaner or substance with the water in your pressure washer. Spray at the ice and watch it melt and not return.

Watering Plants

Usually, if you have a large garden, you will use a garden hose to water the plants. The problem with a hose is that you have to use a special attachment or your hands to make the water spray in small amounts and not a huge rush of water on the plants. A pressure washer will do the same thing without an attachment. Simple point the pressure washer into the air over the plants and the water will mist over the entire air and fall down the plants to water them without soaking them.

Remove Wasp and Bee Nests

Wasp and bee nests are annoying to remove. You can spray them with a killer spray, but you still have to wait for the pests to die and then cut down or dig out the nest. A pressure washer will make the process easier. You still have to spray the nest with a bug spray to kill the bugs or make them leave, but cleaning up the nest after the pests are gone is simple with a pressure washer. Just shoot water at the nests and it will all come tumbling down quickly.


Lawnmowers, whether push mowers or riding mowers, can often get clogged with grass and dirt. Over time, too much of that wet grass builds up and the mower doesn't run as well. Cleaning out that mess usually involves wearing gloves and digging in with your hands to remove it clump by clump. Make life easier by using your pressure washer to blast the clog free. Just be careful not damage mechanical parts that shouldn't get wet or can't handle the pressure.

Your pressure washer has many uses around the house throughout the year. It's never a waste of money to have one. Contact a local outlet (for a pressure washer Canuck industrial sales has them) for further assistance.


4 September 2015

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